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Tds meter package and PH meter
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Sell Tds meter package and PH meter

Specification of Tds meter package and PH meter

Tds meter package and PH meter

Ph meter and tds meter
Package Contents:
- 1 pcs pH meter
- 1 screwdriver
- 2 pcs LR44 batteries (installed)
- 1 set of buffer / powder up & down
- 1 plastic box

- 1 TDS Meter
- 2 pcs Button LR44 Battery (installed)

pH meters are electronic devices used to measure pH (acidity or alkalinity) of liquids.
pH meter is one of the primary needs in starting hydroponic gardening. The function is to measure pH levels in water both before and after adding nutrients, so that plants can grow more optimally.
How to use:
* Open the lid of the pH meter
* Turn on the pH meter by sliding the button located at the top of the pH meter
* Dip into the water to be measured, and wait a while until the numbers that appear do not change.
* After use, turn off the appliance by sliding the button above the pH meter, use clean water to clean the electrode and close it again.
Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) meter is a tool for measuring total solids (minerals, salts or metals) dissolved in a number of volumes of water, expressed in milligrams per liter (mg / L) or parts per million (PPM).

- Temperature Function: Measure the temperature / temperature of the solution.
- Hold function: Saves measurements for the convenience of reading.
- Auto-Off function: Automatically turns off the meter after 10 minutes is not used to save battery.
- Dual range: 0-999 PPM, with 1 PPM resolution. The range of 1000-9999 PPM with a resolution of 10 PPM, is indicated by the x10 symbol that lights up.

- Range: 0 - 9999 PPM
- Accuracy: +/- 2%
- Battery: 2 x 1.5V (Button battery)
- Size: 155 x 31 x 23 mm (6.1 x 1.2 x 0.9 inches)

Usage Instructions:
TDS meters are turned on and dipped in a solution to be measured 2-3 cm deep. The final value can be read after a while and the number is stable.

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