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ROCKWOOL Hidroponik sebagai media tanam
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Specification of ROCKWOOL Hidroponik sebagai media tanam

ROCKWOOL CULTILENE - 1ballinformation :- 1 ball contains 16 slabs
- 1 uk slab. P X L X T 100 X 15 x 7.5 cmMedia planting Hidroponik - Rockwool Cultilene.
Rockwool is one of the replanting media for soil commonly used in hydroponic cultivation. Rockwool is made of vulcanic rock which is processed to be shaped like cotton which easily absorbs water.
The advantages of using rockwool as a growing media are:
• Environmentally friendly
• Does not contain pathogens that cause disease
• Able to hold water up to 14 times the capacity of land
• Can minimize the use of disinfectants
• Can optimize the role of fertilizer.Product specifications:
* Direction of horizontal fibers
* Bulk Density 45kg / m3
* 98% pore volumeDELIVERY NOTE:
1. Because of the VOLUME package, it is not possible to send via GOJEK.
2. Due to the large VOLUME package, the calculation is based on VOLUME.

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