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Sakura New Day Seed Kailan Vegetable Seeds
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Sell Sakura New Day Seed Kailan Vegetable Seeds

Specification of Sakura New Day Seed Kailan Vegetable Seeds

Kailan Sakura Seedlings New Day Seed is a type of plant seed that is widely cultivated. Kailan vegetables have enough nutrition for the body? Kailan is rich in vitamins, calcium, luthein, fiber, minerals and proteins, and other nutrients. The green color of this kailan vegetable contains vitamins A, C, E, and K which are very high compared to other types of green vegetables.
We sell Sakura Kailan seeds at cheap prices with the best quality. We also provide various kinds of vegetable seeds and price variants of Kailan Sakura seeds according to your needs.

Kailan SAKURA F1
Harvest age is 45 days
Stems are sturdy and not fibrous

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