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Hydroponic Installation

Hydroponics is a system of plant cultivation with minimalist media. Hydroponics uses water without using soil by emphasizing the fulfillment of nutritional needs for plants. Water needs in hydroponics are less than water requirements in cultivation with soil.


  • Planting using the hydroponic method is very easy and simple, you don't need a large area to start.
  • Planting hydroponic plants can be used as a hobby or can be used on a large scale commercial basis.
  • Hydroponic plants have several advantages such as environmentally friendly, saving water, and can reduce CO2 gas.
  • Plants that are planted by the Hydroponic method will not damage the soil because they do not use soil media as their planting medium and also do not need a large area.
  • In addition, plants with hydroponic methods save time and effort because they do not need to splash water every day.

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